Q: Can I request a coach or team I prefer my child to play on?

A: It is a Washington Soccer Inc. Board Policy, to not accept requests. The only exceptions are the following: There may be a request made if the child has a sibling in the same age group. A Coach or Assistant Coach will be assigned to their child’s team.

Q: I have not heard from my child’s coach yet about the upcoming season. What do I do?

A: The program coordinator distributes rosters and practice/game information to their coaches by email one week prior to the start of the season. Coaches will contact their parents and players the week prior to the start of the season. If you have not heard from your coach the weekend before the season, please email info@washingtonsoccerpa.com. Include your player’s name, age group, and that you have not heard from your coach. The coordinator will contact you with information or have your coach contact you as soon as possible. Again, please wait until the weekend before the season start date to submit any inquiries to info@washingtonsoccerpa.com about coaches, practice times, days, locations, etc. as the information you are seeking will not be available.

Q: Where do practices take place?

A: All practices take place at the Ruetom Field Complex, located at 265 Berry Road, Washington PA.

Q: When does the season begin?

A: Season dates are listed on the online registration page:

Fall – Early September (after Labor Day)

Spring – Early/Mid April

Summer – Early/Mid June

Q: Are practices or games ever cancelled due to weather? 

A: Absent thunder and/or lightening, practices and games are played in all weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, sleet, etc.). The only other reason soccer will be cancelled is to prevent damage to waterlogged fields.

Q: How will I know if practice or a game is cancelled?

A: If the Field Coordinator of Washington Soccer Inc. determines the fields are unplayable, the Vice President will post any cancellations on the  Washington Soccer Inc. Facebook page.

Q: What is the difference between the In-House and Travel Programs?

A: Washington Soccer, Inc. supports both In-House, Summer, and Travel programs. Here are the differences:

In-House: In-House programs are considered “recreational” and are divided into two separate mini-seasons. Fall and Spring programs are instructional in nature and involve a focus on skill development with practices once or twice per week and games on Saturday mornings. In-House programs are available for age groups ranging from age 5 through age 16.

Summer Program: Summer, on the other hand, is purely recreational. There generally are no practices during Summer since it is intended to be a “fun” league only. Summer programs are available for age groups ranging from age 5 through age 16.

Travel: Travel programs are considered competitive programs. Our travel teams play other community teams within the PA West South District. Unlike In-House and Summer, Travel teams are formed and players are selected following assessments and/or other evaluation/observation.

Q: What is Club soccer and how is it different than the other programs offered?

A: Club Soccer is a separate soccer experience outside of the programs offered by Washington Soccer, Inc. Club offers a higher and more rigorous level of training and competition as compared to In-House or Travel programs. Players must try out and be selected by cup teams. Most, if not all coaches, are licensed and have played/coached the game at a higher level than one generally finds in the Washington Soccer, Inc. programs.

Q: What if I have a suggestion, concern, and/or complaint?

A: The Washington Soccer Inc. Board is always open to suggestions and always wants to hear parents’ concerns. If you do not feel comfortable addressing something with your coach, the next person to approach is a member of the board. You may send your suggestion, concern, and/or complaint in writing to info@washingtonsoccerpa.com. Additionally, the first 30 minutes of each monthly Board meeting is dedicated to hearing suggestions and/or concerns. We cannot fix what we do not know about. That being said, please remember that all Board Members, Commissioners, and coaches are volunteers. We are not paid professionals or employees. We volunteer our time so that all of our children have a place to play soccer. We do our best and commit tremendous amounts of time to the success of Washington Soccer. Please be respectful.

Q: How can I volunteer?

A: We are always seeking volunteers for the Washington Soccer Inc. Board. Please join us on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 7PM during our Board meeting. We would love to have you! Please email info@washingtonsoccerpa.com for more information for meeting locations.


Q: What days are In-House practices held?

A: In-House practices are typically held on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings.

U6 & U7: These age groups practice only one day per week on Tuesday or Thursday evening.

U8 – U10: These age groups typically practice two days per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Summer League: There are typically no practice days.

Q: What day and time are In-House games?

A: In-House games are held on Saturday mornings and/or early afternoon. Occasionally, due to weather and/or field conditions, games will need to be rescheduled. If the season is not able to be extended, rescheduled games will replace a scheduled practice. Coaches will notify families in advance of any changes in schedule.

Q: What equipment does my child need for In-House? 

A: The seasonal registration fee covers the cost of a jersey for In-House players. Other than the jersey, In-House players are required to purchase black shorts, shin guards, black soccer socks (worn over the shin guards), soccer cleats (non-metal), and a soccer ball. Coaches also require each player to have a water bottle.


Q: What day and time are Summer League games? 

A: Each summer league team plays two games per week. All games are held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. All summer league games are played on the fields located near the concession stand.

Q: What equipment does my child need for the Summer League?

A: The Summer registration fee covers the cost of a team jersey for players. Other than the jersey, players are required to purchase black shorts, shin guards, soccer socks (worn over the shin guards), and soccer cleats (non-metal). Coaches also require each player to have a water bottle.

Q: Will my child receive a team photo?

A: A Professional photo session by LB Photography is typically scheduled prior to the start of the Summer season. The session includes both individual and team photos. Print packages are offered to families at an additional cost. Parents are provided an order form prior to the start of the season, and asked to have the completed form with payment at the time of photographs.


Q: What days are Travel practices held?

A: Practices are typically held on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings. All Travel teams practice two days per week.

Q: What day and time are Travel games?

A: All Travel games are held on Sunday afternoons.

Q: How many games are in a Travel season and how far will I be required to travel for away games?

A: There are typically 8 games in a Travel season (4 home & 4 away). Away games are approximately 30-40 minutes from Washington, PA.

Q: What equipment does my child need for Travel?

A: In addition to shin guards, soccer socks and spikes, Travel players are required to purchase travel uniforms, a water bottle, and a soccer ball for their age group to be used at practice. Following the announcement of travel team rosters, the league will issue information about ordering the travel uniform. Do not order travel uniforms until a jersey number has been assigned to your player and you have received an email from the league.